Hey I’m Lauren of LaHu Photography and Video!

I’ve been a Hampshire based commercial photographer for six years but I travel all over. My clients are often businesses and professional individuals. However, I work with anyone who needs professional photos. I’m passionate about helping small businesses grow through the provision of high quality images. Images that convey the business ethos and personality.

Personal Branding Photography is a real love of mine as I feel I’m well equipped in understand the nature of my clients, who they are, what they do and how they want their potential clients to see them.

It’s all about representing yourselves and your business in the most positive way. My amenable personality serves me well in this profession as I find helping my clients feel at ease comes naturally to me.

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In addition to photography my other interests include; travelling, the arts and outdoor pursuits (skiing, horse riding, mountaineering, quad biking, SUP, kayaking – it’s a pretty endless list if I’m honest). Having a rich personal life that’s filled with a myriad of interests and experiences provides me a great balance. And it gives me the ability to appreciate all kinds of human characteristics; from the more introverted and reserved to those who say YES to everything!



My approach when shooting events is unobtrusive and as a passive observer. That said, I have no trouble taking the bull by the horns. Therefore, if you have an individual or group that requires direction, I’m happy to step in. I’m also happy to assist in the planning. So if you’ve been tasked with arranging photography for your company or organisation, I’m happy to help with the whole process from start to finish. I find it’s useful to seek input from the photographer from the beginning to ensure the capture of the best images. There are things we think of that others may not consider. So use my knowledge and experience. It’s what I’m here for!

My photography style is natural, stylish and distinct. I shoot in a relaxed way, communicate efficiently and offer an excellent turn around time  I’m committed to working closely with you, on every photography project. I make it my priority to always fully understand your requirements.  

Whether you’re a small business owner, a designer, art director or agency, I provide professional commercial photography that showcases your product in the best possible light.



This is just some of the gear I use. Each component is high end and pro level and I always have backups for my backups. My two Canon 5D IIIs record simultaneously to dual cards and I always have a second and sometimes third camera in my kit on every shoot.



I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on my sexy Mac which enables me to take my already high quality images and really perfect them using industry standard software.

My kit bag is home to 2x Canon 5D III, 1x Canon 6D and Lenses; 24-70mm L, 35mm L, 85mm L, 135mm L, 70-200mm as well as a handful of flashguns, strobes, continuous lighting set ups and a variety of backdrops ideal for creative headshots.

If you have any questions about who I am or how I work then feel free to drop me a line.