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I’m a premium brand photography specialist helping entrepreneurs and business owners save time, stress and money, and create a more powerful online presence to grow their business and increase sales, bookings and client enquiries.

I don’t just provide a photo shoot but a fully planned out project aimed at solidifying your brand aesthetic and creating a beautiful, professional and perfectly curated bank of images from which you can draw inspiration for all your online and social media appearances.

Creating a ‘Personal Brand’ may seem like a stretch too far for those who didn’t study a marketing degree but it’s perfectly attainable. It’s essentially about creating a professional and consistent visual brand that leaves an impression, becomes recognisable and is seen as synonymous with quality of service.

“Branding is essential in establishing an impression. It’s ensuring that all the messages you put out there, are in line with your brand values and mission, and they are exactly what your ideal client wants to hear and is attracted to. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are turning themselves into brands to create a more powerful presence online.”

Personal Brand Photography is the art of using high quality images and visuals to tell the story of your brand and business.

This is used as a platform to convey your business values, personality and style. People buy from those they know, like and trust.

But most importantly it’s about having high-quality images and content across the board so wherever you post you keep the style and tone consistent because it’s that reliability that fosters trust within your audience.



Total travel bug who loves the ocean and the outdoors. A YES person with loads of enthusiasm and passion for my craft. All about inspiring confidence in others.



What sets my soul alight is creating positive, dynamic portraits that foster connection and relationship. I love working with business owners just like you who are on a mission to leave the world a better place than you found it.

We have a strong business ethic and put our clients needs ahead of all else. We do this because we know that this is how we maintain great relationships that organically help our businesses to grow.



How great would it be to already have a bank of on-brand, beautiful images to dip into for that Insta post you need to get done? How much procrastination do we do when we’re avoiding trying to find the right image? And then how long does it take to actually find the perfect one?

Your brand is your online shop window. Having a beautiful shop window sets you apart from your competitors. A beautifully curated instagram grid is much more inviting than a haphazard set of images. It also conveys authority and professionalism and shows that you mean business.

My Personal Branding session is not just a photoshoot. It is a thoroughly well thought out and planned project to get your visual brand shining out above the rest. The sessions include the following…

Brand Colour Palette Selection   |   Ideal Client Indentification   |   Social Media Post Ideas Generation   |   Pinterest Moodboard Building   |  Confidence Building   |  Wardobe Planning   |   Hair and Makeup (optional extra)   |   Shot-list Collation   |   Video Consultations   |   Relaxed and Informal Shoot with lots of laughs   |   A Library Bank of Images to choose from when posting   |   Post Shoot Support   |    Nagging with Love if You’re Putting Off Posting

There will, inevitably, be things you worry about;
...but I got you...

Throughout the entire planning process I'll be working closely with you to develop lots of ideas so we can create varied and interesting image sets on the day. I'll get a solid idea of what you're about and we'll put together a Pinterest board for inspiration and discuss everything you want your brand to convey about you and your business.


I don't just shoot and run, I'm with you for the entire process and provide lots of support after shoot day. I will even nag you with love if you're procrastinating about getting your insta posts out there. I will have very frank conversations with you about what's holding you back and how I can help. I'll be right there with you.


In the run up to the shoot I will be reminding you, you ARE good enough and you DO deserve this because that's really what our brains are telling us when we ask oursleves these sorts of questions. On the day, we'll sit down and chat through everything. You'll tell me everything that worries you and I'll do everything possible to help those worries subside throughout.


I'm confident after years and years of working with people, many of whom have come back and/or referred their friends to me that I get on with pretty much everyone. I have the ability to put people at ease instantly. My secret? I talk to everyone as though they were already a friend.

“You are the only you there is and ever will be. I repeat, you are the only you there is and ever will be! Do not deny the world its one and only chance to bask in your brilliance.”



Say you live near the coast and you really appreciate the magic of the ocean. Imagine you LOVE old school 1980’s rollerskating. Now picture yourself browsing Insta looking for some boho jewellery inspiration. You come across a few business pages of people who make just the thing you’re looking for. Now imagine you see a vibrant photo of this lady business owner who makes goregous jewllery and she’s having a fabulous time rollerskating along the promenade in her seaside town! She’s got this joyous look on her face as she wobbles out of control. Now wouldn’t you rather buy something lovely from her than a seller who has image after image of their products and zero personality in their grid?

You need to get yourself on your grid! Your tribe want to see you so they can know you. If they like you and all your represent on a personal level they will grow to trust you. And when they’ve bought from you and had a great experience they will NOT let their friends use anyone else.

The primary aim of a personal branding shoot is to create a beautiful library of professional and consistent images. This takes the stress out of finding something to post and saves you time and energy. Not only that but it creates an awareness of you as a brand that stands out over your competitors as an authority in your field.

I literally cannot shut up about the benefits of PB and have become a huge evangelist for it. I can see the power it has to help business owners like you to genuinely connect with your audience, to find common ground, to find your ideal clients and to make easy sales because they already believe in you…even before you’ve met in person.


Connection is the most valuable currency

You are here to make an impact. You want to add something to the lives of your clients. You know you’ve got to show up as your real self and connect with your audience on a deep level. Find your tribe, the people most like you are the ones you will find the best connection with. This means they will be the most natural and organic sales you’ll ever make.

You’re crystal clear on your message and have an engaged community of people who share your values. Heart led branded portraits, a curated, consistent aesthetic and pro social media images are the final piece of the puzzle!

Not only will your engagement skyrocket but you will save so much time when it comes to creating visual marketing materials – your library of on-brand images will be your new best friend!

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I can’t wait to get to know you and what you do, your values, and your most outrageous dreams for your business! I’ll take all of that lovely, positive stuff and create a photoshoot designed to make your ideal clients dance around with excitement at the chance to work with you! Your dreamy new portraits and bespoke library of stock images will give you the boost of momentum you need to really shine online!